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The ultimate celebration with Howard & Sons Confetti Cannons and Streamer Launchers

It’s not a proper carnival, festival or wedding without Flutter-fetti, Confetti and Streamers. These biodegradable delights create excitement and fun wherever you are and are the perfect addition to any celebratory event. Make your celebration a spectacular one with confetti and streamers. We can blow huge clouds of confetti from confetti canons, choreographed to musical or theatrical cues. Re-live the old ticker-tape parades of the past or celebrate a win or a finale with double barrelled and stadium streamer launchers. Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics will create a buzz of excitement at any event, home or away.

We supply our own Confetti and Streamers which are made in a variety of colours and shapes and, very importantly, are easy to clean up when the party has ended. In fact, we can also supply water-soluble and biodegradable confetti and streamers to completely cut out waste and mess. All of our tissue products are flame retardant and made of biodegradable materials. We take the environment seriously; non-biodegradable paper confetti is not an option at Howard & Sons.

Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics provide a variety of biodegradable and water-soluble tissue confetti and streamers, as well as recyclable metallic, high-visibility Mylar streamers and flutter-fetti. There’s even a UV version for the ultimate in dance clubs. We can even provide snow effects for events, celebratory parades or presentations. Either use confetti or streamer guns to launch them, or use our different sized cannons and launchers. Of course, you can always just throw our confetti in the air for a more traditional touch!

Exactly what equipment does Howard & Sons have for your event?

  • Giant confetti or flutter-fetti canons: ideal for indoor stages, podiums, or dance floors. A great way to present an award to the winning team or highlight people or products at high-profile events. Blowers use compressed air (liquid CO2) to project confetti 25 to 45 metres (80 – 150 feet) into the air
  • Streamer cannons: pyrotechnic or air-launched effects involve launching tissue or metallic streamers up to 12 metres (40 feet) into the air. Your audience will watch as they then create a powerful cascading effect when fired from a truss, balcony or rooftop. Streamers are also relatively easy to pick up and dispose of when the celebrations are over
  • Confetti blasters: for larger, longer-lasting confetti displays or for a single, huge launch
  • DMX-Controlled Confetti Fountains: for longer lasting displays integrating LED lighting to add the colour effect of your choosing

We always make sure we take the time and effort to understand our clients’ needs. Once we know exactly what you want, Howard & Sons representatives can then recommend the most suitable effects to meet your vision, captivate your audience, and fit your budget. Whether your event is large or small, we have the necessary supplies and equipment to create many incredible, memorable moments for your guests.


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Howards Showreel

See a 60 second showreel of some of our grand spectacular projects.  These include large-scale events such as national day celebrations, special ceremonies, major special events and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics has the creative vision, expertise and passion to design and implement the most imaginative, innovative pyrotechnic concepts for your event, no matter what the scale.


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