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Special effects for every occasion

Special effects: customise your show’s SFX and become an unforgettable experience

Nowadays, special effects need to be really special to get the desired effect.  At Howard & Sons, we are at the forefront of our field. We know how far we can go to create exciting, grand, colourful, sophisticated and beautiful displays without risking anyone’s safety.

Our world-renowned fireworks company offers a wide range of pyrotechnic SFX, fire effects, CO2 effects and customised effects for every type of event, from brand launches and corporate assignments to huge national and international extravaganzas. With nearly one hundred years of experience and countless well-guarded family secrets under our belts, Howard & Sons has forged its way ahead of the competition throughout Australia and beyond, often the first and only choice for many large-scale events committees who insist upon reliable, exciting, cutting-edge effects designed and performed by experts, and according to the strictest safety standards.

Pyrotechnic Special Effects

The pyrotechnician team at Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics consists of world-renowned…

Fire Effects

Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics also specialise in fire-flame-fireball effects for any event at any location either in Australia…

CO2 Effects

Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics uses CO2 jets that can be safely used at indoor and outdoor events…

Streamers & Flutter Effects

It’s not a proper carnival, festival or wedding without Flutter-fetti, Confetti and Streamers. These biodegradable delights create excitement and fun…

Custom Built SFX

Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics are used to inventing and making adjustments to SFX equipment so that their use fits very specific requirements…

We are a family business which has, until now, employed four generations of dedicated and passionate pyrotechnicians. We have worked within this sector every step of the way, from the early twentieth century’s fireworks industry to the most technologically advanced pyrotechnics and special effects of today. Howard & Sons has advanced knowledge of firework technology, both past and present, meaning we can outperform our competition time and time again. Howard & Sons imagineers are able to design and produce awe-inspiring displays that will project your brand, occasion or name onto social media and into the newspapers.

We cannot emphasise our knowledge of this niche sector enough. Thanks to our in-house design and firework manufacturing departments, we not only use this knowledge to problem-solve, but are also able to produce highly customised effects in complete harmony with your particular theme and produce these at our factory. The sky is never the limit, at Howard & Sons.

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