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Howard & Sons – A global leader in pyrotechnic effects for celebrations, events, and national and international tours

Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics has become one of the best-known fireworks artists and producers in the world. This has never been due to pure chance or luck; four generations and coming up to one hundred years of experimentation, trials, errors and successes have brought us to this happy point. Our position as global leader in pyrotechnic design and presentation, proved by our achievements at some of the world’s most fantastic events, ensure that we amaze and inspire time and time again.

Our team of pyrotechnicians have the vision, creativity and experience to enable us to create some of the most spectacular pyrotechnic displays throughout Australia and all over the world. Our close-knit Howard and adopted family has a worldwide reputation for its skills in the staging of large and small-scale artistic, mesmerising pyrotechnic shows using cutting-edge computer firing systems and firework design software. As world leaders in pyrotechnic innovation, our imagineers, producers and providers are very familiar with complex citywide  and marine pyrotechnic installations of epic proportions. Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics takes all elements concerning safety extremely seriously; our members sit on various committees to ensure national firework safety standards are up-to-date and sufficiently elaborate to cover every possible scenario.

Howard & Sons produce exciting, grand, colourful, sophisticated and beautiful displays which exceed all expectations, implementing our passion for perfectionism, enthusiasm and knowledge to provide innovative, imaginative and impressive displays for any occasion.

Whatever your event, Howard & Sons will make it unforgettable. From confetti canons at a school dance or stunning wedding fireworks for the perfect wedding photo background, to innovative, ground-breaking indoor pyrotechnics for performing artist world tours or a huge choreographed display for your city’s anniversary celebrations which will showcase your location to the world, make sure your event stands out from the rest and contact us.

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Grand Spectaculars

Howard & Sons Grand Spectaculars – large-scale multimedia fireworks displays

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Community Events

Ever since 1922, Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics has been lighting up the night skies for a broad spectrum of national events and festivals for local and wider-spread communities and groups…

Sporting Events

Sporting events are synonymous with excitement, noise and large gatherings of enthusiastic fans…

Special Events

Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics can add the ultimate ‘wow’ factor to any sponsored or corporate event, making your company…

Tours & Concerts

Tours & Concerts

The Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics entertainment productions department consists of a passionate team of firework experts completely dedicated to designing…

Waterscreen Shows

The creative team at Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics has developed a new multimedia production combining fireworks, music, lasers, lighting, waterscreens and projections…


A social highlight in every culture, weddings have moved from simple services and buffets to ground-breaking events created to instil a feeling of joy and happiness in every member of the wedding party…


Ashes can be carefully placed into hand made aerial shell fireworks, that are launched high into the sky and burst in spectacular style …

Team Building

This is a special and extremely unique service offered by Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics. Our corporate team building package is the ideal, highly unusual way to bring your team members together…

Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics has undoubtedly become one of the best-known fireworks artists and producers in the world

Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics has extensive experience in providing large, medium and small-scale pyrotechnic spectaculars and produces more than 600 successful displays annually. With a national and international network, we have the organisational structure, equipment, infrastructure, business systems and personnel to deliver any scale event to the highest possible standard.

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