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Howard & Sons: Manufacturing fireworks since 1922

At Howard & Sons, our pyrotechnicians are passionate about every type of display. We offer close proximity services for indoor displays and have perfected our own range of outdoor and indoor fireworks for impressive, safe and highly entertaining displays.

With nearly one hundred years of family secrets incorporated into the most up-to-date technology, Howard & Sons design and present impressive pyrotechnic art and special effects. The combination of our extensive knowledge of chemical compositions, closely guarded family formulas, passion, perfectionism and an extremely high standard of quality control ensure all our industrial or commercial pyrotechnic effects are produced in accordance with superior in-house safety practices. As a globally renowned fireworks company with offices all over Australia, we know no boundaries, whether these are for logistics, new designs or breathtaking displays which turn special events into unforgettable experiences for every audience.

Close Proximity Pyrotechnics

The team at Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics contains world-renowned designers and producers of pyrotechnic special effects …

Railway Track Signals

Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics manufactures railway track signals (RTS), which are an audible safety signalling device …

Emergency Procedure Guides

Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics template copies of emergency procedure guides, which must be in correctly completed …

Pyrotechnic Display Equipment

Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics have a wide range of pyrotechnic display equipment for use by professional pyrotechnicians. …

Safety Guidelines

Throughout our 92-year history, Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics has work closely with all government authorities to …

Wallerawang Facility

A copy of the Wallerawang Pollution Incident Response Management Plan is available to be downloaded here.

Our long list of pyrotechnic-related products can be found in more detail below. Please feel free to contact us for further information and we will be more than happy to help you. We take on singular tasks such as equipment, firework and effect design, product manufacturing, product or equipment sourcing, setup and presentation, but we are also immensly proud or our reputation as creators of local, national or international multimedia events from the ground up. Howard & Sons are global innovators in the fields of firework design and sequence design, and leading developers of 3D pyrotechnic design software.

Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics boasts state-of-the-art facilities, the highest quality raw materials and components, experienced and fully trained personnel and a long history, all of which enable us to provide a wide range of industrial and commercial products. If we don’t already manufacture or supply it, we can design and assemble or produce it for you. We devise and present the products that create displays which always exceed the audience’s expectations.

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